The White Rock Blues Society



THE YALE AND SHORE 104.3 FM PRSENT: VANCOUVER BLUES FESTIVAL 2010 The Yale Hotel welcomes the world during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games. During this time of celebration, The Yale Hotel endeavours to bring you a sample of the finest talent that British Columbia has to offer. Vancouver, a melting pot of cultural diversity, is a hub for nurturing and producing internationally recognized musicians and entertainers. In the spirit of the Games, The Yale Hotel in partnership with Shore 104.3 FM proudly presents Vancouver Blues Festival 2010 from February 5-28. This musical exhibition of more than 75 stellar acts will showcase the finest talent over a period of 24 consecutive days. Vancouver Blues Festival 2010 will feature award-winning icons such as Jim Byrnes, David Gogo, Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne and local favourites such as Powder Blues, Billy Dixon’s Soul Train Express, Shaun Verreault and more! We invite you to join us at our legendary establishment for an unforgettable night of live blues, R&B, soul, funk, and jazz! Enjoy! DID YOU KNOW The history of the legendary Yale Hotel dates back to the mid 1880’s, where it originally served as a Canadian Pacific Railway bunkhouse during Vancouver’s early development. In 1886, a raging fire destroyed many of the structures in Vancouver’s central area, leaving The Yale Hotel untouched by its blazing flames. Following this devastation, The Yale Hotel became a gathering place for members of the community. Refurbished in 1889, The Yale Hotel was renamed The Colonial, which became known for its wild nightlife activity. In 1911, The Yale Hotel reverted back to its original name and in the early 1980’s became the focal point for live blues in Western Canada showcasing legends such as B.B. King, John Lee Hooker and Buddy Guy. February Extended Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday 12pm-3am *Please note that schedule is subject to change without notice