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Get High on the Blues at Whistler.

Get High on the Blues at Whistler.

 WHISTLER VILLAGE, British Columbia, May 16th through the 22nd - for one groove filled week passionate blues players and lucky blues fans will get high on the blues together in Whistler Village at The Whistler Week of the Blues.  Presented and hosted by The Mountain Culture Collective Radio Society to educate, entertain, and celebrate the foundation of all modern music - the blues!


Event organizer, Scott Kittleson, a seasoned supporter of the annual Hornby Island Blues Workshop, decided to create a full week of skill building workshops and unique concert events to offer both blues players and blues fans a full on immersion in learning, playing, and yes, partying!


According to Kittleson, “Watching seasoned players and serious fans come together to share their passion and their playing is the best kind of entertainment going.  When I first saw slide guitar Goddess Ellen McIlwaine play, the hair stood up on my neck. Blues wasn’t my favourite genre, but when Ellen played her first note, I felt like Jimi Hendrix had entered the room.”


Masterful on slide guitar, and hosting a workshop on developing that skill at the upcoming Whistler Week of The Blues, Ellen McIlwaine inspired Kittleson when she confided to him what the incomparable Muddy Waters had said when she shared the stage with him. The legendary blues legend summed it all up with the unforgettable maxim: “The blues is everything and everything is the blues.”


Pre-event weekend blues showcases are being held at The Yale in Vancouver to locate up and coming blues talent to participate on secondary stages during the week long event.  Complete details about showcases, teaching packages, and concert events are featured on the event website, and Facebook at


The Whistler Week of the Blues, May 16th through the 22nd - a blues based event where music lovers learn and play and party.  And nobody tells better stories than road warriors of the blues.

Scott Kittleson, Event Organizer
(250) 335-0455
Joshua Spears, Showcase Organizer
(778) 989-6008