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Generation Blues Scholarship Fund

The Blues Foundation’s Generation Blues Scholarship Fund is a program that allows qualified applicants under the age of 25 to study their instrument of choice at reputable camps, seminars and workshop programs such as Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival, Augusta Heritage Center and Fernando Jones' Columbia College Blues Camp. Complete information can be found on our website by clicking the Generation Blues logo at the top of any page on our site.

For MORE information: go to The Blues Foundation Website. Click on the Generation Blues Logo at the top right. Once on the website, you can read about past Generation Blues scholarship recipients and the camps they attended by clicking the categories on the left. The camps listed are merely suggestions…please research camps in your area or specialty and we will consider them. Young Blues Fans receive free Blues Foundation memberships until their 21st birthday. More information can be found at

Generation Blues Application Deadline: April 15, 2012, Generation Blues Scholarship Fund questions:, Affiliate questions:

Joe Whitmer
Deputy Director