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About The White Rock Blues Society

The White Rock Blues Society, since receiving our charter as a non-profit society in June 2007, we have been actively involved in promoting blues artists from all over North America. The venue used for some of the events, is The Rhumba Room. A club equivalent in size, to the Vancouver Yale Hotel. It is part of the Pacific Inn Resort also known as The Pink Palace, at 1160 King George Blvd. about a mile from the USA/Canada border. Other shows have been located at the Crescent Beach Legion at 2643 - 128th St. Surrey. We also do co promotion shows with the Blue Frog Studios.

What follows is a timeline of our current achievements.
(All events at the Rhumba Room unless otherwise noted.)

01. May 16,  Back Porch Blues Band event, Camp Kwomais. (Our introductory event)
02. Jul 13, Jesse BurchGood Dog Bad Dawg Rich Koops and the Koop De Villes. (1st event with Society Status)
03. Sep 8, The Bill Johnson Blues Band, Crescent Legion, “A Blues Night Out”.
04. Nov 3, The Twisters, Blues Bash II.
05. Dec 9, 1st Yuletide Blues Benefit Concert, local blues bands played for the Peace Arch Community Services Food Bank.
06. Dec 29, Year-End Blues Bash

07. Feb 07, Phat Betty, aka Cat Wells.
08. Feb 29, Rob Lutes & Rob MacDonald
09. Apr 19, Blue Voodoo, Ellie Johnson
10. Sep 6, Johnny Ferreira & the Swing Machine.
11. Nov 8, Jerry Doucette, 
12. Dec 7, 2nd Annual Yuletide Blues Benefit, a long list of blues entertainers donated their time and talent for Food Bank.
13. Dec 27, Russell Jackson, Mud Bay Blues Band.

14. Feb 14, Kathi MacDonaldJoani Bye, Leanne Coleman Valentines’ Blues Divas 

15. Feb 11, Wild T and the Spirit.
16. Apr 11, Harpdog BrownHank ShreveBrian McFadyen and Steve Kozak’s West coast Blues Revue 1st International Harmonica Showcase.

17. May 22, MonkeyJunk award winning three-piece blues band Friday
18. Jun 20, Lloyd Jones Struggle Blind Pig Recording Artists, Saturday.
19. Aug, Julian FauthJuno Award Winner Best Blues Album, “Ramblin’ Son”.
20. Sep 5, John Lee Sanders and Muddy Fraser.
21. Nov 4, Doc McLean & Big Dave McLean, “The Century Blues Tour”, Crescent Beach Legion.

22Dec 10, Harpdog Brown & Yukon Slim Crescent Beach Legion.
23. Dec 13, 3rd Annual Yuletide Blues Benefit Concert.

24. Jan 11: The Twisters, The Yale Hotel Fundraiser for IBC sponsorship.

25. Jan 20, Rita Chiarelli Crescent Beach Legion.
26. Feb 13, Cat Wells Valentine Blues Night Out.
27. Mar 13, Keith Hallett Blues Comes to White Rock, Elk’s Hall.

28. Apr 1, Tim Williams Crescent Beach Legion 
29. May 1, Fathead.
30. Jun 4, James Harman
31. Jun 15, Harpdog BrownGraham GuestJason BuieDavid “Boxcar” Gates.
32. Sep 11, The Twisters.
33. Oct 17, Becki Sue & her Big Rockin’ Daddies.
34. Nov 19, Doc Maclean, Darker Ways Blues Tour

35. Dec.12: 4th Annual Yuletide Blues Benefit Concert proceeds for the White Rock South Surrey Food Bank.
36. Dec 31, The Twisters, New Year’s Eve with The Twisters Dinner & Dance Party

37. Jan 26, Mud Dog Fundraiser, Yale Hotel Vancouver
38. Feb 19, Glen Pearson All Star Jam, Crescent Beach Legion
39. Mar 10, Carlos Del Junco, Crescent Beach Legion.
40. Mar 19, Dalannah Gail Bowen.
41. Apr 6, Tim Williams, Sandpiper Pub

42. Apr 9, Harpdog Brown and the Bloodhounds
43. May 28, David Gogo Trio.
44. Jul 2, Right A Wrong With Song, Musicians Rally For Q Sound.

45. Aug 13, Blues by the Sea, Semiahmoo First Nation Spirit Stage on Marine Drive White Rock.
46. Sep 16, Fathead. 
47. Sep 24, Doc McLean & Big Dave Maclean: National Steel "Bad Boy Blues" Tour.
48. Oct 22, Nathan James Trio.
49. Oct 23, Four Solo/Duo Acts performing before judges using IBC criteria to select next year entrants, West Beach Bar & Grill

50. Nov 10, MonkeyJunk.
51. Dec 31, The Twisters, New Year's Eve Dinner & Dance - Yuletide Blues Benefit

53. Jan 15, David “Boxcar” Gates & Friends Memphis Send Off Admiral Pub & Grill.
54. Mar 24, Kenny "Blues Boss" WayneHarpdog Brown, Brandon Isaak - Triple CD Release Dance
55. Apr 21, Jason Buie Band and the Compound Blues Band.
56. May 5, Michael Jerome Browne. 
57. May 18, Carlos Del Junco & Rick Fines, co-promotion with Blue Frog Studios

58. Jun 9, David Gogo, co-promotion with Blue Frog Studios
59. Jun 16, John Lee Sanders. 
60. Jul 13 & 14th, John Lee Sanders, Michael Van EyesStan Street, and Co-Production with Blue Frog Studios - BBQ Blues Bash.

61. Sep 22, IBC Band Event, Princeton Pub Vancouver 1901 Powell Street
62. Oct 13, JW Jones.
63. Nov 10, Jimmy D. Lane. 
64. Dec 9 2012, 6th Annual Yuletide Blues, Fundraiser for South Surrey/White Rock Food Bank

65. Dec 31, Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne, New Year's Eve Blues Dinner Party - Juno Award Winner

66. Jan 17,  Poppa Dawg, Thursday. Memphis IBC Fundraiser - with Friends, FANCLUB, Granville St. Vancouver

67. Feb 16, James 'Buddy' Rogers CD Launch and The Powder Blues Band with Tom Lavin, Valentines Blues Extravaganza
68. Mar 23, Bill Johnson Blues Band.
69. Apr 27, Harpdog Brown & the Bloodhounds and The Jason Buie Band
70. Jun 22, David Gogo Co-promotion with Blue Frog Studio

71. Jul 5, 3rd Annual Blues BBQ Bash with Blue Voodoo and Guests Co-promotion with Blue Frog Studio
72. Jul 6, 3rd Annual Blues BBQ Bash with Poppa Dawg and Guests Co-promotion with Blue Frog Studio.
73. August 17th 3rd Annual Blues By The Sea co production with Q-Sound
74. September 20th IBC Event at the FANCLUB
75. October 19th J W-Jones
76. November 15th Co-promotion with Blue Frog Studios, Chasing Away Those Winter Blues, Harpdog Brown Band
77. December 8th, 7th Annual Yuletide Blues Fundraiser for the South Surrey/White Rock Food Bank
78. December 31st New Years Eve Dinner and Dance, Southern Style


79. IBC Participant Fund Raiser - Vancouver FANCLUB - Thursday, January 9th, to support Arsen Shomakhov Band & Brandon Isaak
80. David Vest, co-promotion with Blue Frog Studios, Friday January 24th @ Blue Frog Studios
81. Sabrina Weeks and Swing Cat Bounce, with The Cooler Kings opening the show/dance, Friday February 14 2014 7th Annual Valentine Dance, Pacific Inn Resort.
82. Jim Byrnes Friday March 14th Co-promotion with Blue Frog Studios
83. James "Buddy" Rogers & Friends "Off To The Juno Awards" Saturday March 22nd
84. Chicago Blues Master Jimmy D Lane Saturday April 19th
85. Angel Forrest & Paul Deslauriers and Denis Coulombe Saturday May 3rd Pacific Inn Resort, "2014 Maple Blues Award Winners"
86. Ladies of the Blues, Saturday June 21st, Pacific In Resort
87. International Blues Challenge Event and Southern BBQ, Sunday July 20th. Spirit Stage on Marine Drive White Rock 10:30 AM
88. Cooler Kings Saturday September 13th
89. IBC Fundraiser, Dalannah Gail Bowen & Owen Owen, Uncle Wiggly's Hot Shoe Blues Band, Saturday November 29th Pacific Inn Resort
90. 8th Annual Yuletide Blues Fundraiser for the South Surrey/White Rock Food Bank operated by Sources BC. Pacific Inn Resort
91. New Years Eve Dance Party with Tom Lavin and the Legendary Powder Blues Band, Pacific Inn Resort Wednesday December 31st

92. Valentine Day Dance Party Saturday February 14th, Pacific Inn Resort.
93. Angel Forrest, Paul Deslauriers, Dennis Coulombe, Co promotion with Blue Frog Studios, Saturday May 1st.
94. MonkeyJunk, Co promotion with Blue Frog Studios, Sunday May 3rd.
95. Uncle Wiggly's Hot Shoes Blues Band Co promotion with Blue Frog Studios, Saturday May 9th.
96. Dalannah Gail Bowen, Blue Frog co-promotion, Friday May 22nd
97. Jesse Roper, Saturday June 13th Pacific Inn Resort
98. Annual IBC Event, Semiahmoo Park, Spirit Stage Sunday July 26th. 11:00 AM Start, 10 Blues Acts, Memphis Mike BBQ available on site. Chicago royalty Jimmy D Lane will close the show.

99. Harpdog Brown with Little Victor, Saturday October 3rd Rhumba Room, Pacific Inn Resort.

100. J W Jones, Friday September 16th, Rhumba Room, Pacific Inn Resort.

101. IBC Fundraiser, Arsen Shomakhov Band and Guests, November 14th

102. Yuletide Blues Food Bank Fundraiser, Sunday December 7th

103. New Years Eve Southern Style, The Bill Johnson Blues Band



103. Ocean Park Wailers with Gale Force Blues Band, Sat. April 23rd. Pacific Inn Resort

104. Jack de Keyser, co-promotion with Blue Frog Studios, SaturdayMay7th.

105. Angel Forrest, CD Release - "Angel 11" May 21st, Pacific Inn Resort

106. White Rock Fire Victims Fundraiser Sunday June 5 2016 Pacific Inn Resort Costa Bravo Ballroom

107. Blues Challenge Sunday July 26 Pacific Inn Resort Costa Bravo Ballroom

108. Harpdog Brown Travelin' Blues Show CD Release Pacific Inn Resort Costa Bravo Ballroom

109.Blues Challenge Fundraiser,  Isaak & Hart with Harpdog Brown Travelin' Blues Show Rhumba Room

110. 10th Annual Yuletide Blues Food Bank Fundraiser, Sunday December 4 Pacific Inn Resort, Costa Bravo Ballroom

111. Blues BBQ New Years Eve Dinner Dance. Featuring The Twisters Reunion, with Jerry Cook, Pacific Inn Resort Rhumba Room.

112. 10th Anniversary Weekend of Events, Meet and Greet May 19th, Powder Blues May 20th & Band Showcase Jam May 21.

In the summer of 2008 the White Rock Blues Society conducted a talent search consisting of three shows at the Sandpiper Pub mid-week and the first and second place bands opened for us during two of our fall shows. The first place band received one day of recording time at a local studio. The winners were Sam & Luke. We repeated this again a year later on the last three Wednesday’s of July at the West Beach Bar & Grill. 

In September of 2010 we conducted a Solo/Duo blues challenge to identify an act that we would sponsor to attend the International Blues Challenge in Memphis Tennessee in February 2011. Mud Dog went to Memphis as well as Sam & Luke who were sponsored by the White Rock Blues Society to participate in the Youth Showcase in Memphis. Both these talented acts represented BC at this prestigious world event. A year later David “Boxcar" Gates was selected to attend the IBC in Memphis to represent the WRBS in the Solo/Duo challenge. In September 2012 an IBC event was held at the Princeton Hotel and Poppa Dawg was selected to represent The WRBS in Memphis January 2013.

Since we were formed and became active, many others in the community have been motivated to put on live blues events and a number of blues jam sessions have been established at local pubs throughout the week. White Rock and area is becoming a focal point for blues/roots music in the lower mainland.

The Society constitution consists of the following six objectives:

The White Rock Blues Society is a non-profit incorporated organization that has been formed with the following objectives:

  1. To perpetuate, promote, share and advance ‘Blues’ and related music in our community and surrounding area.
  2. To establish and promote the White Rock area as a regional epicenter for quality music and music venues.
  3. To present performances from a wide variety of local, regional, national, and international artists.
  4. To nurture creative artistic activity by supporting emerging artists from our community and surrounding areas by providing outlets and opportunities for performance.
  5. To foster as many live music venues as possible in such locations as restaurants, clubs, parks, community centers and concert halls
  6. To entertain, educate and inform members of our community of all ages young and old about “blues” and related music


 "If you love the blues, spread the news, if nobody knows, nobody goes" - Poppa Dawg 



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The Legend of White Rock

The Legend of the White Rock - Source: White Rock Sun

It is the great white rock which gives the City of White Rock its name. Legend tells us that, long before the arrival of the discoverers Cook and Vancouver, the Gulf of Georgia was ruled by a Sea God worshiped by the Cowichan Indians.

The Sea God had a son, tall, handsome and strong, who dwelt with his father in a subterranean cavern not far from the present town of Sidney on Vancouver Island. On the shores of the gulf, on the original site of Sidney, lived a tribe of Cowichans, whose Chief had a beautiful daughter whom many young braves had wooed, but she refused them all.

One day when the lovely Princess was bathing in the waters of the Gulf, the son of the Sea God rose to the surface beside her and, as mortal youths had done, fell in love with her at first sight. He seized her and carried her off to his father's mansion, in front of which was a tremendous totem pole of rock carved with the history of the ocean. The Sea God was angry with his son for bringing a mortal, even one so fair, to his Kingdom, and, refused his blessing on their marriage, ordered them to return to the girl's tribe.

The young God, determined to keep his Princess, went with her to her father's home where she said he would be as welcome as a son, and in time would rule. But when they rose from the water and presented themselves before the old Chief of the Cowichans, he too refused to accept them, and declared, like the Sea God, that mortals and Gods should not wed.

The young man, by now more determined than ever raised in his powerful arms a huge white rock which stood on the shore and said to the Princess: "I will hurl this tone over the water! Wherever it falls, there we will make our home and establish our tribe." So saying, he cast the stone far over the gulf. High over the island it went, and as it rose the son of the Sea God took his bride in his arms, dived into the sea and swam off in the direction of the great boulder. So swift were his movements that, as the huge rock fell on the mainland shore sixty miles away, the young God and his bride rose out of the water be side it.

There on the shores of a bay shaped like the crescent moon, they made their home, and the mighty Semiahmoo Tribe, the half moon tribe, grew and became famous. After many years the tribe dissolved, but a remnant of that once great and powerful people still lives near the Rock.

Bernard Charles,

Late Chief Semiahmoo First Nations

NOTE - To learn why the Coast Salish First Nations people originally called White Rock - P'Qat (click here and read the DON WELSH story)